Stars Helping Stars



STARS Helping STARS, was created by PAUL MILLER FORD, INC., FOR PAUL MILLER FORD, INC. to assist those facing unexpected emergency situations. We are so proud of this program because it truly demonstrates our STARS' passion for bringing our citizenship value to life. 

The company will donate $1000 to this fund and JP Miller will match that donation so we will start with $2000!

How is this program funded?

As its name suggests, STARS Helping STARS is primarily funded by our STARS. Paul Miller Ford, INC. made an initial contribution to get us started,, STARS Helping STARS relies heavily on your donations to maintain and enhance the account. We have a culture unlike anyone else in the automotive industry and it starts with our STARS! Discover who we are, what we do, and what sets us apart!

Is this a company-wide program?

Absolutely! ALL STARS are encouraged to donate to the fund, and ALL FULL-TIME and PART-TIME STARS are eligible to apply for funds if an emergency occurs.

What constitutes an "emergency"?

Experiencing catastrophic or unexpected hardships that create a devastating situation, such as the care of a family member, abuse, relocation of child(ren), emergency travel and funeral expenses are all examples of "emergencies". lease review the eligible events page for further details.

Do I have to donate to be eligible to apply for funds?

Absolutely not! In keeping with our citizenship value, any STAR who has experienced catastrophic or unexpected hardships may apply for emergency funds from STARS Helping STARS.

Who decides whether or not I receive funds from the program?

The STARS Helping STARS Board of Directors created a review committee of STARS who approve or decline each financial request.

Board of Directors

  • Paul E. Miller - Honorary Board Member
  • Terry Lawrence - Member
  • J.P. Miller Jr. - Member
  • Kathy Combs - Treasurer
  • Lee Beall - Secretary