Millennium Warranty
The Millennium Warranty coverage provides even more extensive coverage than the factory warranty, the primary difference is that Millennium Warranty has ?contingent liability? coverage which means that if a non-covered component causes a covered component to go out, it is still covered under warranty which is a benefit that is not a part of factory coverage. Along with that, Millennium covers any electrical or mechanical related failure, provides road side assistance, trip interruption and rental car. It is best to narrow down to what is not covered as opposed to listing the thousands of parts that are covered. The non-covered instances are the normal maintenance and normal wear and tear items such as belts, brakes, hoses etc. Basically, anything that breaks due to customer fault or due to normal wear that a vehicle incurs thru ownership is what is not covered under Millennium Warranty. We wanted to provide our customers with the best coverage possible even if at a slightly higher cost so that we would not have to apologize to anyone when they pull into our service department because something has broken, we want to be able to just have you sign for your repair, pay your deductible and we take care of everything from there.

Gap Protection
In the event of a total loss from insurance due to theft, fire or collision, Gap takes care of the difference between what the value of your vehicle is and what you owe the lien holder. When a vehicle is totaled the Insurance Company does not base the amount of your settlement on what you owe, they base it on the current market value of the vehicle. For example; if the current market value of your vehicle is $10,000.00 and your payoff amount is $14,000.00, then without gap you would be responsible for the $4000.00 difference even though your vehicle has been totaled. Gap takes care of that difference for you and even pays up to $1000.00 of your deductible. For a few dollars per month you do not want to find yourself in a position of making payments on a vehicle that you are not driving at the same time that you are trying to arrange payments on a new vehicle. Our Gap Policy is backed by Allstate Indemnity which is a worldwide recognized insurance carrier. At Paul Miller we like to only provide the best coverage possible for our customers.

Auto Perfect
Auto Perfect can best be described by its name, making your automobile stay in perfect condition. For a period of 5 years your vehicle can be brought back in to our service department for dents, dings, tire and wheel repair and replacement, windshield repair and it also provides roadside assistance. The policy helps prevent unnecessary depreciation of your vehicle by keeping it in pristine condition, it helps to maintain the appearance as well as maximizes the value of your vehicle at time of trade.

Propack is the perfect complement to our Auto Perfect protection. Propack is an interior and exterior protection against environmental hazards such as tree sap, acid rain etc, and also the occasional mishap of spilled coffee in the car! If your upholstery is stained and you are not able to get that stain out you simply bring it to our service department and we will have it professionally cleaned for you and if we can?t get the stain out then we will replace the damaged area at no cost to you. Like Auto Perfect it helps to maintain the appearance of your vehicle as well as maximize the value of your vehicle at time of trade.

Theft Protection
The FBI has found that every 25 seconds a car is stolen in the United States, with theft comes a great many unexpected expense that most people do not realize. There is the deductible from insurance, the expense of arranging for alternate transportation until a claim can be made on insurance, the down payment of getting another one and the possible increase in payment due to the inflationary costs of new vehicles. If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered in 30 days then our Theft Protection will write you a check for $5000.00 to return to our dealership to buy another vehicle. This money can be applied in any way that you see fit, as full or partial down payment, to pay taxes or even to put in your pocket!